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Dare to believe you can survive

You hold the future in your hand

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Herein lies the electronic journal of a 29 year-old American male/semi-college student. My purpose is a simple one: injecting common sense in a increasingly chaotic world. I express myself in fanfiction and essays, with bouts of romping in the fens and spinneys. My interests are many, most of which you can note from the Interests sections below. If not, take your chances, and I'll either know and/or do the necessary research.

Personal life:

2011 should be a busy year, per new job hunting, new life priorities, new communities and new fandoms. A side goal is to polish my writing before returning to college, whenever that will be. I'm definitely on my way, in terms of grammar, proofreading and story structure.


I'm a Traditionalist with apparently center-right/conservative leanings. I'm opinionated on everything and anything, and I try to discuss it all on here. Subjects range from politics to comics to the latest TV drama-rama -- everything is fair game, as far as I'm concerned. As much as I don't care for the idiocy of modern pop culture, it impacts my life, therefore, I should comment. If I do not, then I'm delegating my responsibility to my fellow man to the rampant deception and intellectual dishonesty in the world. (At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Hah.)

I'm not inflexible, if the counterargument is worthy. If you want to contradict or convince me, bring on solid facts and evidence. My ultimate goal to avoid being a moonbat and/or hypocrite, whenever possible.

If you want an actual debate, I'll take on any sane newcomers, providing you follow the Golden Rule. If you disagree with me on a given subject, fine, yet present yourself with civility and respect. Calling me a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and all those trendy slurs without legitimate cause gets you nowhere with me. Don't cheapen yourself and waste my time and yours.

While I do have a serious side, I am letting my inner slacker relax. When in doubt, adhere to the MST3K Mantra: "It is only a _____, so I should just relax."


At the present time, I am still writing or intending to write "Law & Order" fanfiction with renewed fondness of "Teen Titans" and "Yu-Gi-Oh!" (My Fanfiction.net account can be accessed in the Website link above.) You will see considerable diversity of fandoms in the next few years, given my love for the unique and the obscure.

Meanwhile, I have been writing my share of essays to flex or refine my writing muscles. My computer issues are fully resolved, so expect a flurry of fanfictions and essays in 2011. The only caveat is whether my waxing and waning mental energy allows me to do such, or not -- the eternal battle continues.

Websites I mod:


Non-Livejournal Websites I comment in (if anyone is interested in any offsite insight):


(More to be added in the future.)

Livejournal policy:

I treat mine as an actual diary. As such, I make it a policy for those that want to be on my F-List to know me personally for at least six months. It may occur sooner, although a measure of personal trust must be achieved. Naturally, I don't have to say, "what stays in my journal, stays in my journal," right? That said, I don't mind the minor things, depending on what they are. After all, LJ isn't a bible.

I should warn some of my icons may approach PG-15 (and possibly higher) status. Nonetheless, I tend to use them in private/F-Only entries, so don't freak out too much. I'm only posting this as a warning, should someone want to report me.

I am reachable on AIM, email and Livejournal (Comment and PM). I may be slow in my response (life, writing and everything else absorbs attention quickly), but I'll get to you eventually. If anyone has an issue with me, wishes to chat and/or get to know me, my door is always open (unless it is closed).
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